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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wildfire Scorches 120 Acres, Gorman, CA

I responded to a wildfire in Gorman, Ca on Sunday afternoon. After driving for nearly 45 minutes to get to the scene I went to work snapping images. The images are being posted at http://www.socalfirejournal.com/. Dispatchers received multiple calls of a wildfire near Peaceful Valley Road and Interstate 5 at the entrance to Hungray Valley State Park. Battling for 2 hours in high temperatures and steep terrain firefighters held the fire to 120 acres.

Today out chasing lightning in the desert, available on EPN radio network channel 6.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Patrolling Our Communities

Yesterday I was on patrol and I asked 15 youths skateboarding outside of City Hall to move their activites to the skate park when one of the teenagers started to yell racial slurs, epithets and foul language at me and other park patrons. Then he proceeded to go into a fighting stance. A serious lack of judgement on his part. I miss the days when things were much simpler and teens had respct for their elders.

Freedom and Civic Responsibility

I often contemplate the blessings of living in a free society; however this comes with a need to participate in civic duties. Take pride in our communities, vote, help your neighbor, volunteer, and try to assist those in need. Lately I have seen many taking advantage of our freedom, destroy or deface public property and basically try civil disobedience any way that they see fit. What has happened to our standard of living, where have morals and values gone? Why have so many cultures turned towards violence?