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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wildfire Kern County, Critical Fire Weather Antelope Valley

Fire Weather: Very Low Relative Humidity readings across the Antelope Valley yesterday and today, with gusty winds up to 35 MPH..Increasing temperatures today hitting triple digit mark for CA Zone 259. Potential for some thunderstorm activity on Tuesday with the potential for a few lightning ignitions possible. These storms are predicted to have some moisture associated with them so some wetting rain is possible Tuesday- Wednesday -Thursday and their is always the posssibility of a flash flood in the creek areas.

Kern County mountains are also seeing a warming and drying trend with an intial attack wildfire in the Grapevine area. Preliminary reports that this fire should be contained at approximately 100 acres of grass, near Digier Canyon north of Fort Tejon on the west side of Interstate 5. Moderate rate of spread, slope driven in fine continuos 1 hour fuels. Air tankers and crews were effective, no long range spotting observed. Kern County, Cal Fire and Forest Service working this fire, a strike team for structure protection was in place at 6 pm last night in Digier Canyon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fire Weather Kern County, Red Flag Warning

Very low relative humidity readings today for Northern LA County Deserts and North/Eastern Kern County, prompting a red flag warning over Kern County mountains and deserts. Not a lot of wind, but the air mass is extremely dry prompting some concerns. Warmer weather is predicted next week.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wildfire, Kern County

A wildfire near Tehachapi CA is burning out of control at this hour, over 1,500 acres have been consumed, no buildings lost, one bridge was destroyed by fire. No estimate on containment yet. The fire was burning in grass and mixed brush and moving into heavier fuel. The fire is north of Highway 58 and east of Pine Canyon RD near the Monolith Cement plant in Sand Canyon. BLM, Cal Fire, Forest Service and Kern County are working the blaze.

Thunderstorms and more monsoonal flow tomorrow, chance of lightning in Zone 288 and the LA basin from tropical storm Fabio 500 miles to the south. Warmer drier air mass later in the week, then a chance of more lightning after the weekend.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Critical Fire Weather Alert

For Zone 288 temperatures hit 106 degrees today with a fairly strong onshore winds. Low relative humidity's with poor night time recovery are observed.

Several fires near zone 288 yesterday, one in Kern County near the town of Lebec, approximately 100 acres at Lebec Oak Rd and Lancer Rd just west of Interstate 5, had some minor structure protection issues associated with this fire. Kern County and United States Forest Service handled the brunt of the attack.

Today Cal Fire has a 3,000 acre grass fire near Parkfield to the north. No structure loss reported as of yet. Cal Fire and San Bernardino also had a brush start near Highway 18, about 50 acres reported near Old Waterman Canyon.

There is potential for dry lightning Wednesday and Thursday if monsoonal moisture moves in from the south east. Dry lightning could be a cause for alarm since fuels are tinder dry and temperatures will be near triple digit readings.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Critical Fire Weather Zone 288

Warming and drying trend, periods of very low RH and hot temperatures producing long periods of critical fire weather for zone 288. Potential for dry lightning Monday-Wednesday with south east flow.

Initial attack was light today, one small spot fire along Interstate 5 near Highway 138 and Copco RD, less than a quarter acre. United States Forest Service and Los Angles County Fire Departmant had quick knock down.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fire Weather Zone 288


...SLIGHT CHANCE OF THUNDERSTORMS FOR THE MOUNTAINS AND ANTELOPE VALLEY MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY...Heightened fire weather concerns for triple digit temperatures, low RH and potential for lightning next week.

Fourth of July so no large scale fires in fire weather zone 288. A cumulus cell did develope near Edward Air Force Base, no fires reported from lightning activity.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Slight Chance of Dry Lightning Eastern Deserts, Happy July 4th

Warm and dry conditions for Zone 288 today. Slight chance of thunderstorm for eastern desert, slight chance of dry lightning later in the afternoon early evening hours. More monsoonal moisutre is over Las Vegas and far eastern deserts. For Friday, Saturday and Sunday triple digit temperatures expected, increase in fire activity possible do to fire weather concerns.

Los Angeles County Fire Department assisted by the United States Forest Service had a third alarm wildfire on the west side of Palmdale in the Old Crown Valley burn area last night, south of Elizabeth Lake Road. Approximately 200 acres consumed, primarily in grass and light sage, 4-10 foot flame lengths noted, wind was gusting at 25 MPH. The fire was under control by 02:00 am.

Fireworks are a concern for tonight and residual ignitions for tomorrow. Happy 4th of July everyone, stay safe.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oasis IC, Wildfire in Pinon Hills

Los Angeles County, San Bernardino, Cal Fire and United States Forest Service contained a 96 acre brush fire in Pinon Hills at 263 East and Highway 138. Homes along Smoke Tree Rd and Pine View were provided structure protection. The fire was contained after several hours of good dozer and aircraft support.

Fire Weather in Zone 288:Temperatures a few degrees cooler in the Antelope Valley today, strong gusty canyon winds from onshore push still a concern. More moisture in the air mass is noted today with some clouds visible above the Tehachapi Range.