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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aircraft Crash, Two People and Two Horses Dead

Agua Dulce CA: A light plane has crashed in Agua Dulce CA at 33214 Canyon Quail Trail. Two people and several horses have been pronounced dead at the scene. Animal control workers evacuated several horses for medical care. The air craft was flying in poor visibility and may have lost power on approach to Agua Dulce Airport. It is reported that the aircraft has struck a barn before hitting the ground Photos Jeff Zimmerman, Zimmerman Media LLC, 773 Vandal Way, Palmdale CA 93551 805-423-3499, photo payment of $50.00 per image made payable to Zimmerman Media LLC, 773 Vandal Way Palmdale CA 93551. Photographer Jeff Zimmerman

Caption Homeowners and family members help to check the welfare of horses struck by the downed aircraft at 33214 Canyon Quail Trail, Agua Dulce CA

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