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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wildfire: Hasley Canyon and Burlwood, Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County and United States Forest Service Firefighters worked to quickly extinguish a fast moving brush fire today in the Hasley Canyon area of northern Los Angeles County. The fire broke out late this afternoon in area that looks like it has been used for target shooting at the dead end of Burlwood drive. Air and ground crews were able to halt the fire and beat back flames as it crested the ridge top on a steep south facing slope lined with dense brush. An armada of helicopters and fixed wing super scoopers dropped thousands of gallons of water from the air which helped to quell the flames before the fire could become a major inferno.

 Los Angeles County and Forest Service Fighters worked cooperatively to construct fire line and had the fire contained at approximately 4:30 PM. Please contact los Angeles County Fire Department PIO for further information.


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